The new footballing season is well underway now, and many fans are travelling week in and week out, whether it be to the pub or the game, to support their team. When someone loves a football team so much that they are willing to travel and spend their valuable time watching and supporting it, all you can think about is how I can enhance their footballing spirit with a gift.

Although it might seem easy at first, it cannot be easy to surprise a football fan with a gift they haven’t already received a hundred times. And we all want gifts to be special. This in-depth guide will uncover some of the best football-related gifts you can surprise your giftee in mind, whether for a birthday, Christmas, or just being plain old nice.

1. Customised Club Snood

Snoods crept their way into the market, particularly during the pandemic, but thankfully that horrible stage is over now, but many people have kept their snood after discovering how comfortable and cool they can be. As Wintertime approaches with the cold weather, a snood couldn’t come in clutch at a better time.

To tie it in with the footballing theme, more and more clubs are releasing official merchandise covering snoods and stores like club snoods providing fully customised sports-themed snoods. You can now imprint any design onto a snood, whether it be a custom message or simply getting their favourite club’s crest. It’s as simple as specifying what you want, letting the graphic designers do the hard work, and then waiting for your snood to come.

Regardless of where you get your snood from, you always want to ensure it uses strong, comfortable materials that will keep you warm. A predominant polyester-based snood will ensure a snug and comfy fitting around your face and neck.

So why not surprise your football-mad giftee with a snood to keep him warm during the cold weather? It is a gift they will not expect.

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2. Mystery Jersey

A recent craze seen over the past few years is mystery jerseys. They seem to pop up all over the place, which is great for football lovers. A mystery jersey is a small box filled with a random jersey from around the world. Every box you receive is completely random unless you choose it not to be.

Of course, the last thing you want is your giftee receiving a random kit of a team he strongly dislikes. In that case, you can request a box only to receive jerseys from specific leagues or exclude certain teams.

The jerseys are completely authentic too, so there is no reason to worry about authenticity. They are officially licensed genuine products. Better yet, the price is competitive, meaning it is possible to receive a shirt that might be worth more than what you paid (not that you would be looking to sell it anyways), so it is great value for money!

So, if you’re pondering what to get your person in mind, you can’t go wrong with a mystery jersey, and the best part is, you can rinse and repeat as every order is a unique item. Perfect for secret Santa’s and other unique gifts, why not give it a go?

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3. Boot Buddy

This one is more directed at those giftees that still play football, although it can still apply if not—designed to stop those who get told off by their mum, dad, or significant other for bringing in dirty, muddy boots after a long hard session. Boot buddy is brilliant for scraping off all kinds of mess collected on the bottom of your boot. It can be used after football games or even simply cleaning the day-to-day mess of shoes.

Fill the bottle with hot soapy water, and begin to pick and clean using either side of the bottle. It can be hard to write how effective this clever little invention really is, but it is a lifesaver. It makes cleaning shoes an absolute breeze. It’s good that the young entrepreneur even received backing from three members of the dragon’s den!

So, if you know someone with a filthy habit of dragging mud across the house with dirty boots, you may want to consider this fantastic gift.

To Conclude

Thinking of unique gifts can be a real challenge when looking for football-related items, especially considering how many choices there are, from genuinely good products to silly gimmicks. But with a little research and thought, you can uncover some great ideas to surprise your giftee.

Hopefully, this guide has helped provide you with enough ideas to make an informed decision for your giftee’s present. Best of luck!