Christmas is right around the corner, so it's time to start preparing those presents. Men usually could be better at giving off hints and signs of what they could want, making it even harder for those looking. 

But that doesn't mean to say it is impossible. There are plenty of gifts; you must delve deeper to unveil the good stuff. This guide will showcase the very best personalised Christmas gifts for him that you can consider. 

BawBags Men’s Boxer Shorts

Underwear is often very unappreciated by men considering it's the first thing we put on during the day and the last thing we take off at night. No one wants to surprise their giftee with a pair of boring boxers either; it's not very exciting unless you shop from places like Bawbags for men's boxer shorts

Bawbags is a fantastic shop that started over a drink in the pub, all for a good cause too. The underwear brand has excelled since 2007 and offers a supreme range of amazing-looking and comfortable boxer shorts.

So by getting a pair of Bawbags, you are assuring your giftee of top-notch comfortability and can even choose from one (or two) unique patterns and designs that could fit as a gift this Christmas. Whether it be Christmas-themed, tartan-coloured, humorous design, or just a simplistic pattern, the choice is entirely yours!

If you're looking for the cherry on top of your presents, this might be the one, and every man can't go without an extra pair of boxers.

Custom Monopoly

Who doesn't love a game of monopoly? This gift could apply to anyone; it's that good. Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, we can now access fully customised monopoly boards which means you can curate a board around your giftee's favourite things. 

A gift like this requires you to know your giftee inside and out, all their favourite and not so favourite things that you can dot around the board. If you show how much you know about them, they can only be amazed when you give it to them as a present. 

There couldn't be a better time to do it either. With all the family and friends gathering around this Christmas, there is always some board game looking to be played, and what better way to do it than the one you bought?

So, if you wish to go the extra mile in terms of customisation, then go for a monopoly board. You won't disappoint.

Personalised Mini-Me Doll

This one is a bit strange, but still a great pick nonetheless. Perfect for those quirky secret Santa gifts, if your giftee can be signified by a set of clothing like a hi-vis, police uniform, or hoodie, you can get a fully custom mini-me doll.

Minimise your giftee's face onto a tiny doll clothed in their most common clothing pieces. The cushion-like toys are sure to get a good laugh and will give them a good chuckle each time they look at it. 

I would keep it well away from any cats or dogs as it will be a certified chew tie, and I don't think anyone wants to see a miniature version of themself being devoured.

Custom Pillows

If your man has recently moved into a new home or just loves pillows, you may want to consider some custom pillows. Make your own personalised cushions to surprise your giftee with by choosing from a range of unique designs, patterns, and artwork or going the extra mile by imprinting your images on them. 

Choose a preferred template and multiple images, or choose one main image. Insert any custom text you wish to include, and watch the magic unfold. It's that easy. Go down a humour route if you wish but don't be surprised if they quickly throw it in the cellar (unless they have great humour), or go for a more artsy approach with a line art portrait of them, and you might see more use out of the pillow. 

Wherever you decide to buy from, be sure that you are getting the best quality. You should be looking for 100% cotton with polyester fibre filling unless you want to achieve a different finish. Once you've set it up, post it to your house or the recipient. 

To Wrap it all Up

Thanks to modern-day technology, almost every product out there can be customised now. But you should be wary not to overdo the personalised gifting idea as it can quickly become tacky. Try to find a unique product that may have yet to be seen. That's exactly what we have tried to include in this short guide, so feel free to use it as a guideline. Happy gifting!