Whatever your business is, sharing content on Youtube is becoming an essential branding step. YouTube is one of the most used and visited social media platforms worldwide. It is a place where you can share, learn and find plenty of opportunities. To increase exposure and views on your channel, the first step is to create the perfect Black YouTube logo for your channel.  Here, you will find out how?

How can a Creative and Themed Logo Boost Your YouTube Channel?

Before creating your YouTube logo, you need to realize a few necessary things. So, first, pay a visit to YouTube, and choose a channel that you find most interesting. Now, pay attention to the right column on the screen. It shows features channels and related channels, this is where YouTube suggests audience other YouTube logos and channels for next clicks and visits.

A visitor will click a channel that interests him the most from that column. This means an attractive YouTube logo and an interesting channel name will bring you a higher click-through rate and more subscribers.

Though creating a YouTube video content is the most important element of the channel, the logo and name also play a crucial part in promoting and branding your channel. You can steal a number of viewers from other channels by getting featured as featured channels or related channels. A compelling YouTube channel logo will be quite useful too.

Tips to Create a YouTube Logo

You need to know various things about logo design before creating one. Have a look at these useful tips to create a stunning and professional logo design for your YouTube channel-

Do the Groundwork

To create your own logo, first, you need to do some groundwork. Try to understand the mission, values, and identity of your brand first. Understanding the brand will help you choose the strongest design direction and make it easy to create a logo that is perfect.

Further, understand, what your channel is about, why people should watch you, what makes you different from others, what values the most to you, etc. some questions might seem easy and unnecessary but answering these will help you realize more about your brand and even help you find purpose. Once, you have completely understood the goal of your channel, you are ready to create a logo that shares the same message with your viewers.

Pick a Category For the YouTube logo

You can choose a logo category for your YouTube channel logo from the following-

Abstract logo: Channels that think out of the box can go with this logo. An abstract logo is a specific type of pictorial logo. It is an abstract geometric form that will represent your brand. You can create something truly unique.

Pictorial Logo: A pictorial logo is an icon- graphics-based logo. Famous examples of this logotype are Apple, Twitter, etc. A true brand mark is only an image. You can create strong recognition for your YouTube channel with this category.

Text Log: A text logo or wordmark logotype is a font-based logo that focuses on the name of a business only. The famous brand with wordmark logos is Visa and Coca-Cola. This is best to use if you have a short and distinct name. However, in the case of YouTube logos, it might be not the best choice to pick text logos.

Combination Logo: A combination mark is composed of a pictorial mark as well as text. The picture and text can be laid out side by side or stacked upon one another. Well-known combination logos are Lacoste, Burger King, Doritos, etc. This logotype is a versatile choice as it contains both text and icons. It is a great choice for the YouTube logo as well.

You can create a logo based on these logotypes and attract a huge number of viewers to your channel.

Choose the Right Colors and Typography

Using more than one color can be helpful in generating the necessary contrast in the logo design. You must ensure the logo contrasts well with the background and is clearly visible to the audience. Pick colors on the basis of color psychology. Think about the emotions you want to target and then pick colors that do the same.

Be Unique

If your competitors are using the same typographic style, the same kind of colors or symbol is placed on the same side of the brand name, this is a great opportunity to set yourself apart. You need to do something different which will help your logo to stand out.

So much similarity in your logo will not make your job easier. You will just look like anybody else. If your competitors are really into solid color logos, you can stand out by creating an abstract logo. If your rivals have simple logo designs, you can create a youtube neon logo to look completely different. Gaming logos are the best choice to experiment with neon colors.

Showing more imagination and innovation in your design can attract an audience to your channel. Bringing viewers to the channel is the first step which will be accomplished with a unique logo design.

Bring Your Logo to Life

In today’s branding marketplace, a static logo is not enough. You need to bring your logo to life to stay in the game. Figure out how you can bring your logo to life in motion in digital applications. You can take the help of an animation or motion specialist and create a dynamic logo design for your channel.

As VR trends are evolving, more advanced brand experiences are becoming quite accessible. Try to keep an open mind and experiment with new techniques when you can. Creating a different and more interactive logo will attract more viewers to your channel.

Example- How to Make a YouTue Logo For Your Channel?

You can create your own logo free of cost using online logo makers. With such tools, you can create different logos like Youtube logo transparent, neon logos, live logos, youtube logos png format, and much more.

Here are steps to create a Youtube logo

  1. Open online logo makers such as Designhill
  2. Enter company name and mission
  3. Pick up to 5 logo styles
  4. Choose color palette
  5. Pick up to 5 icons
  6. Generate logos and pick the best one
  7. Customize as much as you want