Brooms, mops, dusters, sweepers, and other cleaning tools with long poles require special storage consideration. They are long in one direction but narrow in the other, making them difficult to store in any area. The odd shape can make it hard for you to work on the storage and aesthetic appeal of the home. If you want the repository to work to your advantage, there are a few areas to consider. 

Customized broom storage is ideal; thus, you must think in this line. There are multiple solutions for mop and broom arrangement. Wall mount hooks and planks that slip inside closet space can help you bring ease into the workspace. Tall cabinets can help you arrange different tools, whether small or big. You do not require space in your house to accommodate these cabinets. You only have to manage the area, and the sleek storage solution gets an inlet in your home. 

Store the broom and mop together

If you want convenience, you must store the broom and mop together. Brooms are required every day for sweeping the floor. A damp mop for finishing the job can be stubborn regarding storage. Hence, you can store these together to bring ease. 

Keep the ends of the broom or mop clean

It would help if you kept the heads of the broom and mop clean by washing them periodically. Otherwise, it will make the floor dirty and not clean. Brooms and mops are not that difficult to clean. You must take the broom or mop outside and shake it off to eliminate loose dirt. You may bang it against the wall or rails to eliminate loose soil. After this, you must watch the mop or broom head in warm or soapy water. Rub against them so that grime and dirt go away. After washing, keep the mop and broom upside down so the water shakes off. After this, you can put it away. Also, bleaching powder or soda can help you in the cleaning process. 

Use racks or hooks for hanging the broom

You must keep the cleaning tools away from the floor when not using them. It's important irrespective of the type of broom you possess. Broom heads will bend if you leave them on the floor. Bent bristles will not be of any use. If you have brooms with natural or synthetic bristles, then the problem does not occur. Remember that if you do not take care of the storage, you might have to replace the broom frequently. Individuals are recommending handles for storing the broom and drying it. If you want to combat bristle compactions, this is the best way. The storage method increases the chances of the broom toppling whenever you reach for it. Hence, you have to be very cautious. 

Ways of managing kitchen broom closet

Now, let's come to the busiest part of the home, and that is the kitchen. Although you may feel that kitchens do not require a closet, the fact is just the opposite. You will not need much space to accommodate a broom closet. However, the benefit you will draw from it is unparalleled. You may also create these at home with the help of a plyboard and other building materials. You only need the help of professionals; they will take care of it. Remember that it will provide enough storage for keeping your mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies when they are not in use. Hence, a broom closet is the best option if you are ready to invest. 

Throw a final look

Examine the kitchen to get a good spot for placing the broom closet. You may fit this beside the refrigerator, the sink, or any other-looking corner of the kitchen. Remember that these closets blend with any architectural design and layout. All you require is 18 inches of depth and width and 16 inches of surface area with a height of 72 inches. 

You may change the broom closet height according to your requirement. However, the numbers are the standard ones. If you want to strengthen or cut a few inches, you can ask the manufacturer to do it. For making the closet sturdy, you may use 3/4 inch plywood for the best results. You may also use hardwood plywood because it resists stain and gives you the best results. By building these cabinets, you not only assure yourself of the best access but also save on your budget. 

Create a box

When you work with professionals, you will see them creating boxes of different plywood sheets for building the closet. By cutting plywood sheets, they try to work on the height, width, and depth. Along with this, they must reserve other plywood sheets for the front and back doors of the cabinet. Building the structure requires you to work on the overall layout and stature of the closet. Along with this, you have to think of the overall finish and aesthetics. Working with professionals takes care of these aspects, and you do not have to consider the hard part. 

Use leftover pieces of plywood to create the shelf. By installing one frame, the professionals get to know how to work on the rest of them. By using a pin nailer and designing the closet aptly, you can assure yourself of storing taller brooms and mops. You may also go for a second shelf if desired. If you want to help the professionals, you help them with built-in nails and clamps. Cut and measure the door to overlay the closet's front and outside perimeter. Applying wood putty on the joints and nail holes do not leave space for bugs and cockroaches to thrive. 

The best ways of using broom closets with precision

If you feel that the utility closet has become an oversized vertical version of the junk drawer, it's time to install a new broom closet in the area. Yes, it may be a challenging task at first, but the overall advantages you will grab are worth it. You can keep your cleaning products, mops, random tools, etc., inside this space and manage your house appropriately. Everything inside one place gives you easy access and arranges your item without wasting time. When you have a broom closet, you can leave the area for the remaining essentials and add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

What can you store inside the closet? 

Broom closets are typically used for storing cleaning supplies and may come with areas for small tools like minor household repairs such as screwdrivers, wrench, emergency supplies, etc. If you want to tidy your house, you need one or two of these broom closets in your home. You can have them anywhere, like the kitchen, drawing room, living room, or bedroom. These are available in different customized sizes appropriate for a different layout. They are known for their quality products and attractive designs.

The Homey Space is the best place from where you can get your closet customized. Moreover, the overall design blends with your home's layout and background. They also come with light bulbs inside to provide you with better vision. Thus, you can store anything inside these cabinets like extension cords, broken light bulbs, cracked cleaning equipment, dried-up glue bottles, etc. 

Storage solutions

Use closet management ideas for washcloths, which can be used in place of utility closets. It becomes easier for you to reach in and grab your desired item. You can use these in your kitchen to store rags, microfiber towels, reusable pads, and disposable clothes. For handling messy things, these are appropriate options. These bins are space saving and stackable and come in different colors for you to choose the color code according to your preference. You may use the blue container for towels and green for the rags and dusting cloths. However, the final selection is yours. 

Give your miscellaneous items a space

Broom closets are the best option if you want the small closet idea. These work as hanging organizers with different shelves perfect for frequently used items. For hanging small tools and organizing unused equipment, it can instantly come to your rescue. You can also manage your broom and mop in these long closets, which take care of them and do not make your house look messy. 

Now the final decision is yours whether you want to invest your money in broom closets or not. Having put forward the advantages of these closets, you have to access these in detail. You have customized options to cater to your interest and work to your benefit.

Remember that broom closets are available from different manufacturers. You can communicate to them your preference, and they will take care of everything. 

A good room closet can enhance the look of your bathroom and kitchen. It can make the space look more organized and less clumsy. Thus choose a cabinet that is sturdy and has a stylish appeal