YouTube is the best platform to watch videos to spend your time. YouTube is an ocean having endless videos of every type. You can watch any video anytime because YouTube is available 24 hours a day. YouTube was announced in 2005, and Google owns this platform now. Google’s integration with YouTube grew a massive audience, and now YouTube is the world’s giant search engine video-wise.

People on YouTube have made carriers. Uploading videos to get fame is considered career-making because YouTube pays endless dollars to the people having subscribers and views on their channels. In addition, you can learn every single thing through the videos uploaded on YouTube. Watching the videos and downloading them from YouTube to watch them offline is also possible because YouTube hasn’t limited its users to stick to their website.

So if you can download videos from YouTube, how would you do this? It’s effortless on Laptops and PCs. You can download YouTube videos with the available downloaders, but how would you do this when you run YouTube on your Android Phone? Like Desktop has many downloaders like this, Android Phones also have some apps that help you download the YouTube videos of your choice. This article will list the 5 Best Apps To Download YouTube Videos For Android. 

5 Best Apps To Download YouTube Videos For Android

Numerous apps that help you download videos from YouTube are available on Google Play Store, but we will only mention the 5 apps because when you have these apps installed, you don’t need to install any other app. Of course, these apps work perfectly with YouTube, but their performance is outstanding with every platform like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook Videos, and TikTok Videos. So let us reveal the names without further ado. 

  1. iTubego
  2. Videodor
  3. TubeMate
  4. By Click Downloader
  5. VidMate

These 5 apps are the best for downloading videos from YouTube. You can download any video at any time. These apps will respond the best. I can say that these apps will work as you expect. So let’s start reviewing these apps one by one.


iTubego is the first app on our list helpful in downloading videos from YouTube. This app delivers the best speed when downloading any video from YouTube. iTubego is available on Android, Windows, and Mac. So people carrying MacBooks can also download videos through iTubego. It delivers the best speed when you download videos on your Android Phone. The navigation added by its developer in its Android app is outstanding. There is no need to have technical experience while using this iTubego because everything is visible. You can easily download videos from YouTube to your Android Phone and watch them offline whenever you want to.

For Google Chrome users, iTubego has given a separate extension. If you don’t want to download its software, you can install its extension to download videos from YouTube directly. Of course, the software requires space, and unnecessary software can hurt your Laptop’s performance, but extensions don’t need play. They are installed within the browser you use. So extensions can save time and space, and your work gets completed in less time. That’s how beneficial these extensions are.

There is one more feature I would like to add to iTubego. This app is not only compatible with YouTube, but you can also download videos from 10000+ other websites. iTubego’s database is more extensive than your expectations. Every website having videos in its source code is picked by iTubego. iTubego’s crawler picks those websites and lists them in its database. This feature helps you download videos from every other website.


The 2nd Android app you can use to download videos from YouTube is Videoder. This app can help you download videos at 4K quality. However, supporting this quality doesn’t mean every video you download through this app will show the 4K result. You can download any video through this app, but the quality displayed will be the video’s current quality. 

For example, suppose a video’s quality is 720p, and you downloaded that video through this Videoder downloader. When the video gets downloaded, it will display 720p whether the supported format is 4K. So don’t expect 4K quality on every video you download through this Videoder.

This app is available on Android, and Google Play Store doesn’t list this app because the YouTube app is in Google Play Store. You can directly download videos through the YouTube app, but moving that video is a bit difficult. That’s why people prefer downloading videos through various downloaders, and Videoder is one of them. To download this app, you must visit ATOZ APK. It is a popular website that shares popular Android Apps, and Videoder is also uploaded. So you can download this app after visiting that website. So I hope we have resolved your downloading problem, and now comes time to review the 3rd app.


When no other apps were providing YouTube downloading, it was TubeMate that was available for every person. TubeMate is the 3rd app on our list, whose maximum support is 1080p. That's the reason we ranked TubeMate in the 3rd spot. TubeMate is good features-wise, but the top quality it supports is 1080p. So if your Android Phone supports 4K videos and you are addicted to watching videos of 4K quality, then TubeMate is not for you because its maximum supported resolution is 1080p.

Music lovers use TubeMate because it automatically converts the video into MP3. That's the best feature of TubeMate. You can directly download the MP3 version of the video you want. There is no need to convert a video into MP3. With TubeMate, you can download MP3 converted videos with ease. That's the feature liked by music lovers. Every music lover might be familiar with TubeMate because this feature can resolve ongoing issues that music lovers face.

By Click Downloader and VidMate

By Click Downloader and VidMate almost carry the same features except one. By Click Downloader is integrated with more websites like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, whereas VidMate isn't. That's the only difference between By Click Downloader and VidMate. Overall, every feature is similar, but By Click Downloader is preferable because it is also available in Windows. In addition, both downloaders support 1080p quality, considered HD by YouTube. So don't worry because 1080p is the most watched quality, and your videos will also be downloaded in that format. On the other hand, if you are expecting to view videos in 4K quality, then iTubego is the one you should use.


So these were the 5 Best Android Apps To Download YouTube Videos For Android. Some apps are also integrated with other websites, but iTubego is the one you should select because you will forget to install any other app when you have iTubego installed. So downloading this app and expecting video downloading from any website is recommended. If you have questions about these apps, feel free to ask them by dropping a comment in our website's comments section.